David Banner feat. Tank – Let Me In


David Banner feat. Tank [Prod. David Banner & Swiff D]

David Banner presents the video for, “Let Me In,” featuring Tank off his upcoming free independent album, “S*x, Drugs and Video Games,” scheduled to be released on 5-22-2012.

Support: http://www.davidbanner.com/#donate

“S*x, Drugs and Video Games” is a free mixtape, but Banner is asking for fans to support “The 2M1Movement”. The goal of “S*x, Drugs & Video Games” is to show the world Urban music is still valuable. And how is he going to do that? Banner needs 2 million of you to download this mixtape for free, then he needs the same 2 million of you to donate at least $1 to the movement; but feel free to donate more, as there is no maximum donation.

Support: http://www.davidbanner.com/#donate

And what is “The Movement” you may ask? This movement is to start controlling our own music, movies and content…PERIOD! As David Banner states “We are not simply characters in a video game being controlled by the invisible hand. Once this donation goal is met, I’m going to shoot a movie that will drop 5-22-2013 and a portion of the donations are also going to charity. Big shout out to Louie C.K. for the motivation.

Support: http://www.davidbanner.com/#donate
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