Wu-Tang Talk About Being In The Game For 20 Years

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Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Wu Tang for an exclusive interview.

RZA talks about acting, motivation and having a lot of white fans.

Inspectah Deck speaks on the start of Wu Tang, the whole movement and advice from LL Cool J.

Masta Killa talks about the difference between himself now and 20 years ago, staying humble

U-God talks past 50 Cent beef, being successful in the rap game, doing time in prison and if he knew if Wu Tang was going to pop off in the beginning.

2 Responses to “Wu-Tang Talk About Being In The Game For 20 Years”

  1. W...T...F Says:

    1 Of The Best Groups To Ever Do It.


  2. dreven97 Says:

    THANK YOu for that! Wu will go down as 1 of the best Rap / Hip Hop Groups in History!!! Like Ancient ruins show the greatness of the times, The WU will represent the time when Hip Hop was Raw, Real, and soooo much more.

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