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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

Maino Speaks On The Lack Of “Realness” In Today’s Rap Game “Nobody Cares About That It Seems Like”


There’s no questioning the fact that Maino is one of the “realest” rappers in the game today. His track record speaks for itself. Coming from the mean streets of Brooklyn and having served a decade in prison, it’s been an adjustment for the “Hand of God” when it comes to his recording career.


Having matured, toured and recorded with various artists, Maino says that he realizes now that younger fans of hip hop don’t place as much emphasis on “being real” as they did a decade ago.


Nobody cares about how real you are. Nobody cares about authenticity. Nobody cares about that it seems like,” Maino told This Is The Dream in a recent interview. “At the end of the day the music just has to be good. The fact that I may be authentic, the most realistic, the person who really did it/done it/from it doesn’t resonate as much as it would have maybe 10 years ago when the game was more based on that. I get it, these kids growing up they’re not really relating to that. You got kids that listen to music now they don’t relate to what it is that I’m expressing if I’m talking to the street. They may relate to like a Mac Miller. That’s something totally different. I understand it. I may not relate to all of it because they’re having fun, they’re in college, they’re having parties. That’s not something that I actually relate to. But I get it…I respect it.”


Check out the rest of the interview above and make sure you pick up Maino’s new album, The Day After Tomorrow, when it drops February 28th.

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