Papoose – I’m Like That + Z to A Alphabetical Slaughter Part 2 Teaser


This is the video to im like that and a preview of alphabetical slaughter part 2 enjoy THE NACIREMA DREAM [THE RETURN OF A REAL ALBUM] is deff coming as you can see thanx for your continued support THUGGA THUGGA.

Single produced by Ron Browz

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Video Directed by Caesar Augustus

Theatrical Make Up by:
Christina Stockberger

DP: Kevin Hackenberg

Produced by Papoose, Ian Schwartzman
and Caesar Augustus

5 Responses to “Papoose – I’m Like That + Z to A Alphabetical Slaughter Part 2 Teaser”

  1. papooseis a goose Says:

    this is emberrassing the goose has the same stack of money spending the same fake wad of cash its all ones under one real hundred and those boxes of shoes have been in his own closet for years he aint bought a new pair of kicks in many many moons you can tell those are old boxes of shoes they all bent up and they probably empty or worse they have been worn and they all torn up then put back in the box for the video and the z to a concept is so dumb oh boy i feel sorry for his mother

  2. keem Says:

    shut up u dumb f**k!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great pap Says:

    Nicarema Dream. Papooose is BACK F**K HATERS

  4. Papoose Says:

    Papoose is the greatest alive. They aint like that. Papoose Ft Movado sick tune.

  5. b***H Says:

    Sick tunnnnne.Big up pap

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