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July 18, 2017


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July 18, 2017

LOL: 50 Cent Vs. Skip Bayless Regarding Possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight

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50 Cent and ESPN’s Skip Bayless have been engaging in a friendly war of words regarding a potential Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao mega-fight.


Skip has gone on record as saying Pacquiao gave “less than his best” in his 3rd fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in an attempt to get Mayweather in the ring. He thinks Pac Man can defeat Floyd.


He’s saying, ‘go ahead hit me in the chin because I’m going to lure Floyd into thinking that I’m actually vulnerable now,‘” Skip said on air after Pacquiao/Marquez III.


50 Cent has heard enough of of Skip’s anti-Mayweather rants and shot back.


Floyd is 42-0, there’s absolutely no way that you can actually make a logical discussion on how you can beat him. Because he hasn’t been beaten” 50 said recently. “Pacquiao has several losses. And he didn’t look good in his last fight [against Marquez]. And the chump is getting ready to get on his bicycle and run. I love people who commentate on fighting who don’t fight. Skip you wanna fight?


Skip jokingly replied via ESPN’s 1st Take that he’s ready to lace the gloves up against 50.


Yeah I do Mr. Cent. What do you weigh like 135? Let’s do it right here,” Skip said tapping on the 1st Take table. “I’ve invited you to sit across from me and you run from me.


It would be hilarious if 50 took Skip up on his offer and appeared on the show. Let’s hope that happens.


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  1. Kimmie Says:

    DO IT — Fifty needs to go on there !!


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