50 Cent Talks About Releasing 2 Albums In 2012 & Why Music Will Always Be His Number 1 Passion



It’s been over two years since 50 Cent released Before I Self Destruct. Since that time he’s recorded a large amount of new material. With so much new music in the vault he’s toying with the idea of releasing two new albums in 2012.


Normally when 50 drops an album he tours the world in support of it. In a recent conversation withForbes, the Queens native said he might forgo hitting the road this time around in order to get more new music out to his fans faster.


This time I’m not sure if I will tour the world like I did on my last projects because it makes my album cycles two years long. So I think I’d like to launch this record, then come right back and launch another record following it,” he explained. “It’s been three years since my last album, so I’ve recorded so much material that I’m really excited about trying to get those ideas to the general public so they can get a chance to hear it and appreciate it.


50 also discussed how technology and digital websites like Spotify and Pandora internet radio have increased the need for artists to stay more visible than in the past.


I definitely think you have to keep your audience engaged a little more,” said the G-Unit boss. “Because there is a lot of different outlets and new material that comes out. But it’s not from established artists. They’re still within the regimen of things that they’ve been doing. So they’ll stay there for a little while. I just feel like because I’ve created so much I wanna be able to get it out to them. And I’m always excited about the newest idea from myself.


Despite his many business endevours, 50 says music will always remain his top priority.


I think that’s ambition. I think I’m running through an endless tunnel, and I always find something else to be passionate about and to kind of put myself into. [But] music, there’s nothing that replaces the feeling of when it’s dead right,” 50 said. “Like when you got your finger on the pulse of what’s going on and you release it. Because there’s not a whole lot of people involved. Because I’m conditioned to write, it’s a short process. It may take me 30 to 40 minutes to write the song. So the idea just comes out.

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