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50 Cent Says There Is No Bad Blood Between Himself & Dr. Dre Over His SMS Audio Headphones



50 Cent sat down Andrea Chang of the L.A. Times while at CES 2012 to talk about his new SMS Audio headphone line and to find out if 50 considered himself a direct competitor to Dr. Dre’s Beats By Dre.


Check out their Q and A below.


There are ear buds and headphones that were already on the market. You weren’t satisfied. If you were satisfied you wouldn’t have made your own product is that right? So tell me about some of the problems that you had with the existing products.

My headsets were breaking for one, that’s why I was conscious of durability. And I don’t see myself in direct competition with Dre.



I see myself in competition with all of the audio companies because the category is so big why would I just pinpoint Dre? People are conscious of it because of how close we are in relation. I understand it–in hip hop culture there’s always the competitive nature in how we compete for different things they think that’s what’s actually going on, but it’s not really.


Have you talked to Dre after you decided to come out with your own headphones?

I did following it, but it wasn’t about headsets because it wasn’t really on his radar like that. He was so happy because they just sold Beats. You get a $300 million dollar check you’re pretty happy (laughs).


So no bad blood then between you guys kind of competing in the same space?

Nah, I don’t think so.

4 Responses to “50 Cent Says There Is No Bad Blood Between Himself & Dr. Dre Over His SMS Audio Headphones”

  1. tik Says:

    what’s the big fuss? there are 100 or more brands of head phones out there, why do the media trying to make this 50 against Dre. at least he’s giving back .sk feeding hungry kids i dont see them asking him too much about that.

  2. TIKI Says:

    Yeah I agree with you Tik, there are many brands of headphones out here so why do they have to make it a 50 against Dr. Dre thing?! 50 can do whatever he wants to do as far as creating and developing whatever comes to his mind and you’re right at least 50 is giving back through his business ventures everybody else is just pocketing the money and going about their merry way. Which they have the right to do whatever they want to do with their money but of course they won’t go there with that topic.

  3. TIKI Says:

    It’s nothing that you haven’t done! You’re a genius, your mind is just amazing. A mind like yours just really excites me! That is such a turn on. You are truly blessed and you are truly fulfilling your mission here on Earth. Keep doing everything you like doing and never stop living life and fulfilling your goals and dreams. Love and support to you always. You are my motivation and inspiration Superman #SK #SMS, etc….

  4. Comethru Says:


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