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May 25, 2017


Cassius – Million Dollar Walk

May 25, 2017

WTF? Woman Legally Changes Her Name To Kanye West

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Kanye West might want to tighten up his security because he’s got one super crazy fan on the loose.


A video recently surfaced of a woman who had tatted Yeezy’s name across her butt. In the video she explained it’s something she’s always wanted to do.


I put Kanye’s name on my a$$ because this is something I wanted to do a while back,” she says in the clip. “I put him on my arm a year ago. And I did it because that’s all I think about is Kanye. I wanted him on my a$$ because I already live my life where that’s his a$$. So, I might as well put it there. Now I don’t care if you don’t sleep good at night…if you sing all of your tunes for him because you love him so much. He’s mine OK.”



Not satisfied with putting his name all over her body, this woman has taken it a step further by legally changing her name from Linda Resa (she wouldn’t reveal her former last name) to Kanye Resa West.


DJ MoonDawg of Chicago radio station WGCI invited Ms. West up to his show to find out out just what the hell is going on in her head.

2 Responses to “WTF? Woman Legally Changes Her Name To Kanye West”

  1. TIKI Says:

    I know the feeling girl…..Lol

  2. name Says:

    everbody knows that kanye west is gay.

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