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Joe Cool – I Wanna Sell Drugs

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Joe Cool – I Wanna Sell Drugs OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Cooley Hi 1-19-12
Video Producer/Director: @Mr_OneNine

VIDEO CONCEPT: The struggle of an independent artist considering “other” options for making money. In the end, what Joe Cool has to sell is himself and his rhymes which he breaks down, rolls up, and delivers!

@JoeFnCool vs. Industry pressure (the gun to the head)

“Sometimes I wanna sell drugs” represented by selling his rhymes
(writes lyrics then Joe Cool then rolls them up)

“Come holla at Joe; I got what you need”

2 Responses to “Joe Cool – I Wanna Sell Drugs”

  1. XXIV Says:


  2. Eazy Says:

    yo if u read this, keep doin your thing man. u have extreme talent and I am surprised ive never heard of you. I will now look up all ur material. u gained a new fan homie. Keep it up and never give in. 1 love

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