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50 Cent Talks Headphones, Label Problems & His Son’s Love For NBA 2k12 At CES



50 Cent is in Las Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where he is showcasing his new SMS Audio headphones. Fif and DJ Pauly D will also formally announce plans for Pauly D’s own SMS Audio headphone line on Thursday.


Spike TV and CES All Access Live is giving tech fans up to the minute streaming coverage of the event. They had the chance to sit down with 50 earlier today to talk about what separates his headphone line from the competition, his frustration with Interscope regarding his upcoming album and his son’s love for NBA 2K12.


Check out the Q and A below.


Why get into headphones, everybody is doing it right?

It’s an extension to my passion for music. Because I spend more time in the studio mixing material, making sure the sound quality is right than actually creating the idea. The song writing process for me is faster than actually finishing the song.


You’ve got two pairs. You’ve got Street and you got Sync which are wireless. Now, you have been a pioneer in a lot of ways. There’s a lot of guys doing headphones right now. Dre, your man has Beats by Dre–really successful. So tell me if I gotta decide which one I’m going to buy do you have the better sounding?

I think it’s the best sounding wireless headset. Because a lot of the headsets that are out there that are wireless are using blue tooth which was originally created for telecommunications, but the Kleer technology within these headsets allow me to have a 16 bit lossless wireless technology that allows me to be 50 feet away from the single source. That doesn’t have any distortion that’s still cd quality.


I’ve seen a lot of mentions from you on your Twitter about your music career. How you have lost faith in it. I saw you apologizing to Jimmy [Iovine]. Are you doing headphones now? Are you still doing music?

I went through the process to write this album, it’s been discouraging at points to not see the same efforts from everyone.


You’re a big gamer, your son’s a big gamer. Are we ever gonna see some headsets for gamers?

Possibly, he’s really big on the 2K right now.



Yeah, it’s amazing how they make the players look like actual people.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    thats wassup my n***a props to ya keep up da good work

  2. TIKI Says:

    Marquise is so lucky to have a father like you 50. Keep doing a good job with your son. I know he loves you very much. My hat goes off to you for being a good father from the time he was born up to now. Continued blessings to both of you guys Always.

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