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Tekashi69 – Gummo

October 21, 2017


Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Marcy Diamond shows off her Whooty for BooBooTV


Check out this exclusive clip of model, Marcy Diamond showing you what she is working with.

16 Responses to “Marcy Diamond shows off her Whooty for BooBooTV”

  1. yup!! Says:

    nasty af

  2. badass Says:

    this b***h is bad! dammmmmmmmmmm

  3. dastreeetz Says:

    stupid fat b***h go get a job or give a n***a head or sum s**t, this aint contributing to the society nor the economy!!

  4. lol Says:

    i’m a fan and ya’ll make me laugh, she hardly fat, diz gurl erywhere, search the net, girlz should jus stop makin comments. she got her hustle, what’s urs? she ain’t contribiuting to yo economy, she contributing to hers. b***h is makin money!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    damn gyrl u can get it she is phat da def

  6. ANONYMUS Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    its jus ok i seen way better axxx on a white girl she’s no top 10 period an tall cant say she is. really look at her axxx its good enough to hint it thats it. hell u can find that in any city nothing special. if she showed more then it could of been

  8. zboi Says:

    Pearlworldkings on youtube

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Man shorty the truth with that big ol a*s. All you bitchs who hating mad cuz she thought of this first. Lmatfo!!!!! Go head Fifth hit that b***h up.

  10. Edward Rogers^^^ Says:

    Yea I said this^^^^^ Lmao!!!

  11. londo Says:

    she aite but she need to clean her room thats jus nasty her p***y proly stink word to mommie

  12. Hedonistic Ghoul Says:

    Yep she not contributing to the economy, but she sure is contributing to my boner, I’m so hard I might just knock my b***h up all cause of this pretty white bread. Word to the ladies, stop hating, wipe your asses clean post it on the and pray that someone likes it. *doubt it*

  13. jimmie Says:

    ahhhhh, ya’ll hatin a*s chics. if you see her video, da same one up on her site, she just moved in dumb a**. She say that. i guess it make you feel good to say something might be wrong with her bodily odors since you can’t cut her down amy other way. s**t make me laugh! yeah, she a 10. and NO! you don’t find this s**t everyday on the street. laughn my a off! if you follow her, she got a 47 inch a*s. lol where you seeing that everywhere on the street again? what city, I am going now! hhaaaa

  14. Dede Says:

    ya n***a thats hating are gay ,she sexy as f**k ,ill beat that raw and buss in her strait up she wify

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i no she can move that a*s

  16. Anonymous Says:

    clean yo room u durty f**k 🙂

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