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Yung Joc’s Recording Studio Robbed Of $50,000 In Equipment + Cash & Guns

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Rapper Yung Joc’s Atlanta recording studio was robbed of$50,000 worth of equipment early Sunday morning December 18, when three armed men ambushed a man and a woman looking after it.


Police say the gunmen were waiting in the bushes for the two caretakers to arrive. The thieves forced them inside a bathroom, where they tied them up while the studio/home was robbed of equipment as well as guns and cash.



The victims managed to free themselves once the thieves left and called 911.


Police are hoping the robbers left behind fingerprints so they can be traced.


Yung Joc wasn’t at the studio at the time of the robbery.


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  1. HogHeadCheese Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if homie staged this s**t for the insurance money it ain’t like he got a whole lot poppin that’s bringing in revenue.

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