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iRepDLeague – Shot Caller Remix [User Submitted]


Uncut from iRep D-League remixes French Montana’s new single “Shot Caller” @ Project Audio Inc. Shot by OneTwo Media. #LifeUp Lyrics Below…

First met her at a J records party
(Yeah)Fast forward new crib and some car keys
(Where) South Florida hurricanes and some palm trees
Soon too rich to walk in Walgreens

Wanna be a baller, shot caller
I get what I want, I be doing what I wanna
Its my persona, they feel it in her Aura
That shorty want a baller, she want a shot caller

Bumping this while swerving in two lanes
sponsored by some new thing, check it how I do things
Ain’t Sacramento, but my team is the new kings
And my girl a knockout, I’m just ducking when her mood swings
Slick like oil, try to hang get Hussained
I’m ghost after the face, that’s my method man, wu tang
When you mention duos, bet we the new name
My business sense like 50 cent no loose change
Uncut, I knew my mama raised a star
Taught my whole city how to grind and raise the bar
Showed em how to get connects, how to gain respect
How to tell the truth in rhymes, how to recollect
F**k unsigned
Cause right now I feel like me and your favorite rappers are going at it neck to neck
Don’t I sound like Big L resurrect
Don’t I sound like I was born in a manger in Nazareth
Gotta grind, never catch me with my Nike’s up
Married to the game, got wifed up, Life Up
Fire, now I see why these rapppers get iced up
Least $100 mill if I ever put the mic up

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  1. hiphophead98 Says:

    Who is this kid? INSANE!!!

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