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50 Cent Signs Autographs At J&R Music and Computer World

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50 Cent took the time to sign autographs for his fans at J&R Music and Computer World. check out the footage!

One Response to “50 Cent Signs Autographs At J&R Music and Computer World”

  1. TIKI Says:

    You have so much love, respect, admiration and adoration and that is so wonderful because you have truly earned every once and drop. Wow I know that feels so good. You are a very smart man and so amazing. Everything you think of and create just turns to gold! Unbelievable! You are truly one of a kind. I can’t leave without acknowledging those arms and chest no I’ll just say your whole body, my gosh!! Intelligent, sexy-fine, fit, is it anything you haven’t covered in this world?!! Lol

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