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50 Cent – Wait Until Tonight


New music video by 50 Cent performing his new song, “Wait Until Tonight”

Off of The Big 10, mixtape available for free download:

9 Responses to “50 Cent – Wait Until Tonight”

  1. TIKI Says:

    That’s one of my favorite tracks!! Very nice!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i like this hot s**t from my n***a 50

  3. war Says:

    hottttt – big 10 best project of the year.

  4. South Side Says:

    I like this s**t…..son, that red bone bad too

  5. Dawit worku Says:

    i liked it a lotttttt

  6. vishdaviper Says:

    defo my favs list.. big 10 goes hard!!

  7. Rob Says:

    GOD DAMN! whoever has negative s**t to say to 50 go kill yourself! SK all day!

  8. Hallie Aden Says:

    50 is a talented man! You have it all….the mind, swag and ability to make people pay attention! I would love to meet him someday.

  9. Nanaa Says:

    I agree with the shoes and I also think the bag doesn’t fit. I love the dress but this seems a bit staged, just for the photo, like she thghuot too much about it.

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