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July 18, 2017


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July 17, 2017

O Lawd: 2 Grandma’s Start Fighting In A Hospital



Wow, this is just crazy.


In an episode of Lifetime’s ‘One Born Every Minute,’ two women celebrated the birth of their grandchild by scrapping right in the hallway outside of the room of the baby’s mother.


One of the grandmas looks like she’s been watching some MMA because she throws a mean left and a flying knee that leaves the other woman dazed and confused.


Check out the buffoonery below.

4 Responses to “O Lawd: 2 Grandma’s Start Fighting In A Hospital”

  1. hay f*****k u Says:

    n i g g e r s end of story

  2. TIKI Says:

    Man that is crazy!!! I have to start DVRing that show again!! Man they will both get a chance to see and spend time with the baby especially when he goes home. That was crazy!!

  3. Kayla Says:

    Hmm. Some way to spend your first day on earth. Then you gotta go home with them people. I hope that poor child don’t become another statistic but I don’t see any morals or values finna be enstilled in that child from the way those people be acting. Shame…..

  4. TooOldForGames Says:

    Another hoodrat reality tv show.

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