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Bow Wow – Crunch Time


Bow Wow “Crunch Time” Music Video
Directed By: Rico Da Crook @Mynameisrico
Cash Money Records

3 Responses to “Bow Wow – Crunch Time”

  1. yup816 Says:

    garbage pale kid…just stop and enjoy ur money lil dude

  2. jj Says:

    I’m startin ta feel like u on ta somethin Bow. I dunno, u jus seem like u finally startin ta masta ya flow. Gettin hard poppin beats and doin these kinda short stylized iphone type vids… it’s jus got a nice feel to it. U comftable now.
    Real nice. Like Busta said, this is the new grown man Bow right here. Makes me feel like when Weezy flipped da script and started to lay it down. U could jus see it comin. I feel da same way right now ’bout u son!

  3. Guare456 Says:

    he dont know how to do it.. he dont how to explain his success.. he continues to try and connect him self with the everybody story come from nothing to alot.. like from the block to the pent house.. when this n***a money come from the movies no doubt and since he was like 12 dog .. its alrite to be rich n***a. he has a problem tryin to connect wit his fans like braging that its astonmartin and start acting like u suppose to have it.. u dig what im saying.. u was a product that got built my n***a.. theres nothing wrong with that.. they made u into a star and u carried it your self for a good period of time..

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