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50 Cent Talks To A.J. Hammer @ ‘CNN Heroes: All-Star Tribute’ About Street King & Giving Back To The Community

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50 Cent was in attendance at “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” show Sunday December 11. The event is dedicated to honoring everyday people who are changing the world.


The businessman/actor/rapper/philanthropist talked to A.J. Hammer about why he felt it was important for him to be there.


It’s exciting to acknowledge everyday people making a difference,” 50 said. “Some of the more influential people need to take a stand and step out there and do some different things. That’s what I’m doing with my Street King initiative. I partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme. With every sale of the actual energy drink they’re providing a meal on behalf of the person that made the purchase,” 50 explained. “And through SMS Audio, my newest venture I partnered with Feeding America, which is the nationa’s leading charitable organization against hunger to provide 250 meals for each purchase of the audio headsets.


A.J. said it was clear that 50’s charitable endeavors were coming from the heart and were important to him.


I think the business model is more important than an energy drink or a headset,” 50 continued. “Moving forward if I can influence other young entrepreneurs to make the same decision to have the charitable component connected to it, then it will become a standard. And we will find money for issues that we really need to focus on.”

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  1. TIKI Says:

    That was a nice interview as always. Keep doing great things. You are so amazing when it comes to everything you do. Unbelievable and I’m always very impressed. You are very intelligent. #SK

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