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The Source Talks To 50 Cent About SMS Audio And The Importance Of Influencing His Peers To Give Back To The Community



The Source Magazine caught up with 50 Cent at the recent launch of his SMS Audio headphone line. Journalist Bernadette Giacomazzo talked to Fif about what sparked the idea for the wireless headphones and how long it took to go from the concept stage to actually seeing the finished product.


I was working on this project actually quite some time,” Fif said. “I attended a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) like two years ago to announce it. since then I’ve completed it. So I’m excited that it’s actually going to market now.


Bernadette also managed to grab a few minutes with SMS Product Development Manager Jason Hardee, who talked about meeting the high standards 50 demanded for the product.


To start, 50 wanted to make sure that he had the best technology that was out there,” Jason explained. “We started with the best materials. We wanted to be feather light, super strong and durable. Then we moved on to the acoustics and made sure we had the best sounding headphone out there. And then from there we wanted to add features no other headphone had. Whether it be 50 foot range, a battery that lasted longer, on board controls. You know obviously the style that 50 possesses. And basically sat down hand-in-hand with 50 making sure it sounded exactly the way he wanted it to sound, which took quite some time.”


The philanthropic aspect tied to both Street King and SMS Audio is a huge undertaking by 50. He says that you can expect to see him continue to give back to the community with future business endeavors.


It’s a new model that I’m adapting for all of my brand extension opportunities. Hopefully it influences my peers and other young entrepreneurs and we can do something that actually affects things,” 50 said.


You can check out the rest of the interview below which includes a segment with the Brian Nohe, thePresident of SMS Audio.


Shouts to @bgiacomazzo

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  1. TIKI Says:

    You always have nice interviews and you’re such an intelligent man. Give me some of your brain power, lol. There’s nothing that you haven’t done but if it is I KNOW it’s in the works!! Lol Keep doing a great job with everything and I hope your peers get more involved and also the big businesses. We shall see. When you talk people do listen and they see what you’re doing.

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