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Dope Fiend Lean: Woman Caught Making Meth Inside Tulsa Walmart

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Your typical Wal-Mart shopping list might include items like milk, bread and clothes, but not if your name is Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon. She uses her local Wal-Mart store to cook up meth, or at least she tried to.


Police say the 45-year old Tulsa, Oklahoma woman had been in the store for six hours before employees noticed her acting suspicious and called them. When cops arrived they observed Halfmoon in the process of mixing ingredients in  a bottle.


When I saw her she had just finished mixing sulfuric acid with starter fluid in a bottle,” Officer David Shelby told Fox 23. “She didn’t have the money to make the purchases of the chemicals that were needed so she was taking what was needed in the bottle.”


Shoppers were oblivious to what Halfmoon was doing inside the store. One woman who had been shopping with her one-year old son was in tears when Fox 23 spoke with her.


This is a family store,” said Jessica Fuentes. “People need to start thinking. If she has family she needs to think about her family. If you are broke. It’s just wrong.”


Halfmoon told firefighters that responded to the scene that she was trying to manufacture meth, but she just wasn’t very good at it.


One police officer suffered burns to his hands while trying to discard the bottle when chemicals burned through it and the gloves he was wearing.


Cops say Halfmoon was arrested just last month in a “smurf” sting. “Smurfs” are identified by police as meth cooks or recruits who purchase pseudoephedrine to make meth. Halfmoon had only been out of jail for three days when caught cooking up in the Wal-Mart.


She was arrested and her bond was set at $100,000. Her arraignment is set for December 16th.

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  1. TIKI Says:

    Man she looks horrible! And you know she’s into it bad when she’s making Meth in WALMART!! My gosh in Walmart!! She need to go to rehab quick!!

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