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50 Cent Speak On ‘The Big 10’ Project With Vibe. Will Introduce The Ryder Gang & More Surprises



50 Cent is about to release his new project, The Big 10Friday December 9, at 12 PM Eastern. The good folks over at Vibe caught up with the G-Unit CEO to chop it up about what fans can expect to hear.


Everything on it is new, it’s like an LP. It’s just that I got a chance to do the talking that I do on the mixtape,” 50 said. “It’s all original production. I took inspiration from certain things. Because it’s been 10 years [since the release of 50 Cent is The Future] I called the tape The Big 10. The first song was Stop Crying, so I took content from a Biggie joint ‘stop the bloodclot crying.’ So i put Big on that. Half the time people don’t acknowledge the thought process and don’t know what I was thinking when I did it. That’s why it was the first thing to come out because it was the Big thing. I actually got a strong response, the people like it. It’s not the strongest song on the tape. It will build anticipation for the release of the tape because it’s right.


50 also said he’ll be introducing a new regime, The Ryder Gang on the project.


I’m introducing a new regime,” 50 revealed. “Not the new G-Unit, but Ryder Gang (which Kidd Kidd is a part of). The new artists that are coming out. You’ll hear from Paris, a female artist on the joint. You’ll hear Kidd Kidd. There will be some surprises… I don’t want to blow it. When people hear the tape they will be surprised. It will hold them over until my album comes.

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  1. TIKI Says:

    Very nice. Keep doing ya thing with everything that you love doing. Can’t wait to hear everything.

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