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Texas Woman, Rachelle Grimmer Shoots Her 2 Kids, Then Kills Herself After Being Denied Food Stamps

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Texas mom upset after being denied food stamps shot her two children before killing herself Monday (December 5).


Police say 38-year old Rachelle Grimmer pulled a gun out at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services building in Laredo, and staged a seven-hour standoff with police while holding employees hostage. At some point during the standoff the manager of the office convinced Grimmer to let all of the employees go free in exchange for him.


He told the woman he would remain with her,” a Laredo police officer said. “He acted quite courageously.


Police negotiators were brought in to talk to Grimmer. She reportedly hung up on them repeatedly before letting the manager go unharmed at 7:45 pm.


One of Grimmer’s children, 12 year-old Ramie, updated her Facebook page at various times throughout the standoff.


At 6:50pm the girl posted as her work status, “may die today.” At 11 pm she made another post that read, “tear gas… seriously.”



Negotiators continued to try to talk Grimmer out of the building until she hung up for the last time at 11:45 pm. Several minutes later three gunshots were heard.


According to Fox News, police then raided the building and found Grimmer dead and her two children, Ramie and 10-year old Timothy clinging to life.



The two children were rushed to University Hospital in San Antonio where they are listed in “very critical” condition.



Meanwhile, police are trying to figure out what drove the mother to this point.


2 Responses to “Texas Woman, Rachelle Grimmer Shoots Her 2 Kids, Then Kills Herself After Being Denied Food Stamps”

  1. TIKI Says:

    That’s really messed up! It’s really sad she couldn’t get the help she needed and that was to get food for her kids. I guess she felt that was her last and only option, that’s sad. I hope the kids make a full recovery. It’s sad when people can’t get the help they need. I can understand it’s a lot of people who try and do get over on the system but what is it going to hurt to give people food stamps.

  2. Says:

    we need to do better

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