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Jesse Boykins III – Light To Dark

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“Jesse Boykins III & Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette collaborate to make his directorial debut of “Light to Dark” come to life. NYC sets the scene for a Wayfarer on his journey to find his true self fueled by Love.

Song Lyric :
The Afflictions I have witnessed has me on edge,
with a memory of a nightmare, a nightmare I blend,
in with realism though I’ve chizzled the dreams in which I web.
Where can I catch the falling hearts to help me make amends,

Learning forgiveness , holding on to the climate, til its ready to Reign.

The absent minded take the lead, driven blinded by what they don’t need, Zealous query for themselves , endless worry on everyone else.
I see things different light towards the dark, culture creator I make it with my heart.

written by Jesse Boykins III
produced by Gold Panda

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