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JoJo Simmons Addresses Rumors He Was Held Hostage In Houston & Tried To Smash A Transsexual

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JoJo Simmons has been making headlines recently, and not the kind he would like.


Rev. Run’s son talked to The Breakfast Club this morning about rumors he was held hostage at a Houston strip club. He also addressed a story that came out recently about trying to hook up with a transsexual through Twitter.


JoJo said the strip club incident was a misunderstanding with a promoter. He explained that he was paid an appearance fee, but had to temporarily give $400 of it back because the promoter thought he would be bringing ball players with him.


Basically it was a back and forth thing of where’s his money, he didn’t want to give it to certain people he gave it to. He meant to give it to ball players… he was told ball players were coming, all this stuff,” JoJo said. “So it came down to the promoter just told me [to] pay him $400 and I’ll give it back to you when you get to your hotel. I even asked the dude at a certain point, ‘you holding me hostage right now?’ He like ‘nah’ and opened the back door like ‘you can leave.’ He didn’t know the people who jerked him and I was trying to help him figure it out.


JoJo then addressed the story that he tried to smash a transsexual.



I never met up with the person, it was all through Twitter,” said JoJo. “It was a big misunderstanding. At first the [avatar] was a female’s backside and I would not lie. I was dumb by dropping my number that quick like ‘oh my God a butt,’ just being a horny little kid. When the tranny was sending pictures it was only sending backside. So I was like ‘yo, send me a picture of your face.’ So in the morning I received a picture of the face and I’m like ‘they got some manly features, this is a man.’ So this is exactly what I wrote back to the tranny. ‘This is not JoJo, this is his cousin. He hits girls from other numbers and he’s gonna hit you up if he’s messing with you, but I highly doubt it.’ And that’s what I left it at, and I guess the tranny had got mad and came out two days later and put out all that stuff, but I never met up with the tranny.

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  1. TIKI Says:

    That’s wild both stories! Really tho that looks like a dude lol. People gotta be more careful out here with people.

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