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Rihanna’s ‘Family Values’ [Narrated By Jay-Z]



Rihanna lets viewers get a peek of her private life as she goes home for the holidays. The pop star gives her younger brother valuable advice and presents her grandmother with a special gift in the clip narrated by Jay-Z.


Rihanna’s new album Talk That Talk is in stores now.

5 Responses to “Rihanna’s ‘Family Values’ [Narrated By Jay-Z]”

  1. TheIndustryDude Says:

    Flamers!!! On fire… @TheIndustryDude and @MusicDynasty247

  2. lilgugu Says:


  3. JoeM Says:

    So wait, her family’s proud she’s a w***e now?…

    She is fine tho, I can’t lie.

  4. TIKI Says:

    I love Talk That Talk cd! That cd is me. I truly can relate to it. It’s Fire to me. Lol

  5. .......overstood....... Says:

    …….untill i wake……

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