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Amber Rose Speaks On Wiz Khalifa Getting High W/Her Mom & His Family’s Reaction To Her Nude Photos Leaking

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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have not hid the fact that they are in love and plan to get married. Wiz is also getting close to Amber’s family, specifically her mom. The two share a love for marijuana. Amber, who doesn’t smoke says her mom and Wiz spark up together often.


My mom is from the 70’s man, she smokes joints, Wiz smokes joints,” Amber told Atlanta’s Hot 107.9. “Wiz is like the son she never had.”


Amber also shared some of her and Wiz’s pet names for each other with the radio station.


We have a million, are you serious? He’s my little ‘hamburger helper,’ he’s my ‘chicken little dinky doodle,’ he’s my ‘monkey yum yum,’ we have a million,” she said. “He calls me ‘baby booty,’ he calls me monkey for the most part. I’m his ‘little monkey’ and he calls me his ‘little squirmer.‘”


On a more serious note Amber talked about the humiliation she felt when her nude pictures leaked recently and how Wiz’s mom reacted when she found out.


I mean of course I was embarrassed, but I can’t get into details because I have a lawsuit against this person, but I’ll say this. Me and Wiz and Wiz’s whole family and my whole family knew that the pictures were gonna leak a month before they even leaked. So, everybody in our family prepared ourselves for it. We already knew who was gonna do it. And when it came out Wiz’s mom came up to me, she was like, ‘girl I aint worried about that, that is nothing don’t even worry about it. You love my son, you’re my daughter, we already knew about it, it’s not a big deal.’ She was like, ‘by the way you look beautiful.'”


Sounds like one big happy family.

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