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Cassie Who? Diddy Reportedly Dating Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz has reportedly moved on from her break up with New York Yankees‘ player Alex Rodriguez.


According to Us Weekly, the 39-year old Cuban beauty has reportedly started dating Diddy. The pair first hooked up after meeting during Oscars week in 2008. Since then, they have been romantically linked, despite the fact they have been in relationships with other people.


When she’s single, she’ll booty call him,” a source told the publication.


Although reps for both entertainers say they are “just friends” and have been meeting to discuss a film project, US Weekly writes that they have been spotted on two separate occasions in the last month publicly “making out,” unable to keep their hands off each other.


Diddy apparently isn’t too worried about his three-year relationship with singer Cassie.


Diddy’s single whenever there’s a better offer on the table!,” says a friend.


2 Responses to “Cassie Who? Diddy Reportedly Dating Cameron Diaz”

  1. Cassiy Says:

    I think cassie should movie on in life and not put up with him.

  2. Luciano Says:

    Exactly Godbless I was thinking the same thing!!She’s Joseline and he’s Steebie he’s dun alot fo meh so i don’t care if I’m only seen with him acsros the wata, he’s ben gud to meh.

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