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Crips Overrun Rapper Y.G.’s San Diego Show. Fights Break Out!

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Rapper Y.G. had his recent show in San Diego halted after several fights broke out.


The club the Compton rapper was performing at was packed with a large number of crips. Y.G. is reportedly associated with the TreeTop Piru’s. It didn’t take long for things to get ugly as you will see in the footage below.


Y.G. is best known for his hit “Toot It and Boot It.”

2 Responses to “Crips Overrun Rapper Y.G.’s San Diego Show. Fights Break Out!”

  1. tom Says:

    Looks like a tight performance, why don’t I go to more live shows like this? Uhh because I’m a civilized human being, and I used to witness s**t like this as a kid but then I turned 18 and kinda realized that this type s**t aint even nowhere near entertainment. People are risking their lives going to a club performance!!!!! Damn I love the burbs, lol, peace people please, smoke an L and chill folks..dayum man.

  2. Dakota Musgrave Says:

    V,szyausgyshgsyahstsbbsagys Faust ahjs

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