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Wiz Khalifa Serenades Amber Rose For Her 29th Birthday

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In the latest episode of Wiz Khalifa’s new web series thePittsburgh rapper and his Taylor Gang homies wish his girl Amber Rose a happy 29th birthday.


After Amber blew out the candles Wiz stepped out on the balcony for a quick chronic break.


Happy birthday baby, we all love you and appreciate you so much,” Wiz said while lighting one up. “You don’t smoke but this doobie’s for you. We love you, happy to have you in our life. Taylor Gang or die. Happy birthday n*gga!”

3 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa Serenades Amber Rose For Her 29th Birthday”

  1. TIKI Says:

    That was nice. He really loves her. That’s good.

  2. Realstar Says:

    This hoe must give some incredible head, she got this n***a sprung. She sure knows how to run some good game on niggas.

  3. yunqtule Says:

    Do you see that a*s, she got a body on her.She looks so sexxxy.Whoo i’ve been sleeping on her too much. That leegings and body woke me the f**k up. Why is she a hoe, because she was with crazy a*s kanye. Wiz will duff that b***h n***a.

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