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Spoken Reasons – I AM A STREET KING


Video after the break…

Video by Spoken Reasons to help feed 1 Billion people in Africa.

“I Spoken Reasons personally support the Street King “SK” Movement.”

3 Responses to “Spoken Reasons – I AM A STREET KING”

  1. TIKI Says:

    Spoken Reasons is a cool guy and is doing his thing. I’m happy for him and wish him the best and much success. Support #SK. They both taste good I’m so happy about that and my fav flavors too. I’m happy to support your project 50. Keep doing great things and you will achieve and exceed your goal. #SK

  2. Ill Wil Wyche Says:

    this is extremely hilarious! lmao to the point i got nasatall

  3. spikenout91 Says:

    lol!!!! thar is hilarious everyone who luv spoken reasons check out his newest video!!!!! promise u will be rolling:))

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