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LOL: This Girl Really Hates Kim Kardashian


she really hates her

2 Responses to “LOL: This Girl Really Hates Kim Kardashian”

  1. TIKI Says:

    Wow ok she said what she wanted to say. Like I said I don’t get into celebrities and their life and world because they just don’t intrest me like that, to me they are regular people with more money and just want to be seen showing off s**t. After that wedding I finally seen that she is such an attention seeking bit*h, that I don’t think takes anything serious! Everything is for show! She spent all that money on that wedding to be married for only 72 days! No I can’t take her serious at all!! She would have done better helping some good causes with some of the money. She’s a joke because she knew she didn’t want to get married to Chris or at all in the first place!!Smh

  2. remy Says:

    ye i don’t like her

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