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Tough Luck: Hotel Robber’s Plans Ruined By Good Samaritan Martial Arts Experts

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If there was an award handed out for ‘worst timing ever’, this dude would be the winner hands-down.

31 year old Luis Rosales of L.A decided to rob a hotel that happened be the same place some martial arts experts in town from out of state for a tournament were residing in.

That didn’t work out in Luis’s favor…

“The suspect walked around the counter where the clerk stood and told him to open the cash register,”
 Officer Rosario Herrera of the LAPD said. “The clerk, fearing he was going to be shot, opened the register and gave the suspect money.”

That’s when things would change dramatically after a couple of hotel guests exited an elevator during the robbery.

Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, who both hail from Oregon, are also trained martial artists. They’ve also competed at the MMA level.

Denney said, “I ran around the guy and held him. And locked him up from behind. And then I positioned his hands down.”

“The pair grabbed the suspect, who was holding a gun in his right hand,”
 Herrera said, adding that the two repeatedly asked the suspect to drop the gun and stop struggling. “The pair was finally able to wrestle the gun from the suspect and took him to the ground with a leg sweep.”

Rosales was later taken into custody without further incident, Herrera said. Police found a loaded 9mm handgun and the money taken from the cash register inside his backpack. He was booked for armed robbery with a firearm and is being held in lieu of more than $100,000 bail

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