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LMAO: Officer Ricky Ross Meets Jigsaw [Saw Spoof]



Officer Ricky meets his match when he’s captured by Jigsaw. Ricky is forced to atone for violating three of the seven deadly sins (greed, gluttony and sloth) by eating one of his closest associates.

3 Responses to “LMAO: Officer Ricky Ross Meets Jigsaw [Saw Spoof]”

  1. TIKI Says:

    UGH! I never liked that movie!! And the video um…….I wasn’t feelin that. Sorry.

  2. D'zastah Says:

    Lol thats some funny stuff

  3. d. Says:

    hahahaaaaahahaaaaa-those hugh killed it-also the concept-f-it-i’ m saving it on my favorite s**t-claaassicccc!!

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