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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

2Eleven [CTE] Films Blood [RoseMo] That Knocked Out The Game Whooping Local Rapper Boscoe1



It’s becoming quite apparent that talking sh*t on Twitter can lead to real life beat downs if you’re not careful.

RoseMo, the blood that made The Game plank a couple of months ago over a Twitter dispute is back at it again. Unlike his fight with Game, this one was caught on tape by 2Eleven of Young Jeezy’s CTE crew.

Apparently RoseMo had been engaged in a war of words with another local Cali rapper, Boscoe1 on the social networking site. One thing led to another and RoseMo caught up with Boscoe at a local park and mopped him up.

His next target is Compton Menace, who had a fight with 40 Glocc recently.

I knock out @thegame but beat the brakes off ugly blood @boskoe1 str8 punk b*tch on Ru’s,” RoseMo wrote on twitter. “@2Eleven recoded the video we got this gay rapper expose. This sh*t bigger than twitter ugly blood u ran like a b*tch but fat blood caught yo b***h a*s an dolowed yo b*tch a*s.


Expect more footage to come out when RoseMo and Menace catch that fade. Hopefully nobody ends up seriously hurt behind all of this.

4 Responses to “2Eleven [CTE] Films Blood [RoseMo] That Knocked Out The Game Whooping Local Rapper Boscoe1”

  1. LOGIC Says:

    What a b***h rosemo and those whack a*s biches filming this bullshit. U bitches think ur tough for creeping up on somebody trying to chill at the park. Rosemo… more like Rosebud. U call that boxing homie. Wild a*s swings look like a b***h throwing a punch. U think ur hood… WOOOOWWWW great. U stay there for the rest of your life and rot loser. U aint gonna amount to s**t. Have a great life u fuking idoit. Just shoot urself. It will make ur life so much better than u dying in a drive by or getting stab. And for anybody thinking this clip is cool. SHOOT urself too!!!

  2. c loc Says:

    fuc^c^ th3s3 sklxbk s**t

  3. Shyh3im Says:

    this just why black people don’t got nothing

  4. DTALosAngeles Says:

    Well Rosemo was just shot and killed an hour ago….

    Hope it’s wasn’t over this twitter s**t.

    Sad and not worth it!

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