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Sioux City Police Beating Of Female Suspect Caught On Tape!


A traffic stop in Sioux City,ND got real ugly back this past summer and now the dashcam video has hit the internet to illustrate the chaos and has also caused an internal investigation to be launched.

34 year old Dacosta Daniels was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her fiance Chris Robinson when they were pulled over. Police then discovered that Robinson was barred from driving and the trouble began shortly after.

According to police, Daniels was uncooperative and swore at officers when asked her name and if she had identification on her. Soon after that, her cellphone rings and the officer tells her not to answer it.

She refuses to comply and the initial struggle takes place in an effort to remove the phone from her hands.Getting roughed up a little still has no effect on Daniels as she then punches the officer in the chest.

As you probably would guess, it quickly went downhill from there. Daniels refuses to release the plainclothes officer’s shirt even while being threatened with a taser and fist and is slammed about and punched by the officer while still remaining defiant.

Daniels suffered a black eye and bruises on her body from the incident and is now pursuing a civil case against police and plans to hire an attorney soon. She said she didn’t want to talk about specifics in the case

7 Responses to “Sioux City Police Beating Of Female Suspect Caught On Tape!”

  1. damn Says:

    porky pig dnt play….she shoulda spit on em

  2. Common Sense Says:

    Here’s an idea: stay calm, respond to questions, act normal and go home…

  3. REmy Says:


  4. X Says:

    What a dumb b*tch! I bet she’s gonna try and sue. I don’t like cops, but i hate a fake *ss tough b*tch with an attitude problem even more…

  5. Lqwid Says:

    No need to punch the girl! Just tase her and be done with it, once tased trust me you wont have any more problems out of her.

  6. NinjaNoise Says:

    the head lock is a classic brawl move.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    get fucked up

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