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May 25, 2017


Cassius – Million Dollar Walk

May 25, 2017

Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network: GGN Ep. 12 – Conspiracy Theories

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Big Snoop Dogg gets serious in the latest installment of Double G News.

The Doggfather
 talks conspiracy theories surrounding flu shots, blue tooth technology, the 2012 apocalypse and drugs in the ghetto.

I honestly believe that the government did put crack in the ghettos. Because I was one who sold crack and dibbled and dabbled around with it, and it just fell out the sky,” he says. “It wasn’t just like it was something that just we grew it or knew how to make it from scratch, it was given to us. And when it was given to us we passed it on to our homies. If it was an older homie that knew how to do it, he passed it on to a couple of his homies. It was a situation that we never stopped to think ‘why is it here and how did it even get here?’ But I definitely think it was designed and planted by the government because they was so hard on it once we got it and mastered it.”

Snoop went on to compare the disparity between the punishment for possessing powdered cocaine vs crack.

If you notice powder cocaine still is not a felony compared to crack cocaine,” Snoop said. “You know we got some celebrities… I aint gonna say these white bitches names, but these motherf*ckers always get caught with powder cocaine; riding on the freeway the wrong way, sniffing coke, doing all kind of retarded sh*t. And then you have a n*gga from the hood who get caught with a five piece rock and you give him his third strike. That’s why I say it’s definitely designed to break down the ghetto because it was planted in the ghetto.

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    I never undestand how crack is baking soda and cocaine and powder is pure cocaine.You get more time with baking soda than you do with pure cocaine…smh

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