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Webbie Still Clowning Terrence J Of 106 & Park About Roscsi “Terrence Get Your H*e Man” [Audio]



As we previously reportedWebbie fired major shots over the weekend aimed at 106 & Park hostTerrence J, after being banned from BET. Webbie threatened to physically assault Terrence when he catches up to him.

Monday (October 25) the Louisiana rapper called into Chicago’s Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot Show to clarify his stance.

It aint nothing against me and BET. I love BET, I’ve been watching BET all my life. I am BET… BET is black entertainment,” Webbie said. “That was some personal stuff. You know Rocsi and Terrence, that’s his old lady. Y’all go look at that Vibe magazine picture. That’s what happened.

According to Webbie, he and Rocsi go way back

I know her before I made ‘Bad B*tch’ and ‘Gimme That P*ssy,’ I knew her before I started making any raps. I don’t know the other dude Terrence, that’s on him,” Webbie said. “I don’t know her personally. I just know how people live where we live. The picture explains it all. I’m just saying Terrence get your h*e man, that’s your h*e… get your h*e man. This aint got nothing to do with BET. This aint got nothing to do with the millions of kids that I say stay in school. I make sure I tell ’em stay in school. I tell these girls if you get pregnant early take care of that baby ’cause that’s your fault. Don’t get pregnant early, go be somebody. This on a busta that needs to get his h*e.”

Webbie insists he wasn’t banned by BET and that Terrence is solely responsible for him not being able to appear on the network.

This is a personal issue, I love BET. This is a personal issue between this young man or whatever you wanna call him.

As far as the threats to put his hands on Terrence, Webbie says he might not, but there are other people that want to.

He aint worth it, but I’ll just tell him he better be cool ’cause everywhere I’ve been going I got the streets in my pocket,” he said. “And they telling me ‘we gonna beat him up’ and I don’t even be knowing these dudes. But every corner I hit they know so he better stay inside.

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