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Young Simmons – Only The Strong Survive


Young Simmons – Only The Strong Survive

2 Responses to “Young Simmons – Only The Strong Survive”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice flow, just stay in a real t yourself. Don’t want to be what your not. People like artist they can relate to from a real space. people look at what they seen from the show and if that’s not you, that’s what people think you are. The Drak’es J Coles ane Mr West have shown the lane is there for people how dont rep the ill parts of the streets and that’s where you come from.

  2. gmc Says:

    young simmons angela simmons and the other sister are actually from queens they moved with their father later but they grew up in queens in the hood with their mother they didn’t grow up in the mansion thats diggy on down

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