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Footage Shows Moammar Gaddafi’s Bloodied Body


The Libyan dictator was killed today

3 Responses to “Footage Shows Moammar Gaddafi’s Bloodied Body”

  1. Sah Money Says:

    I’ve notice this attitude before among Asians. I lived in an Asian neighborhood where one afternoon I saw an elderly Asian man lying on the floor. The old man looked hurt and in need of help. All these Asians passed on by and walked around this poor old man while me the only non-asian helped this poor old guy get up and took him to his apartment. Obviously there is a big problem with the Asian community when it comes to helping strangers in need.

  2. Sah Money Says:

    uh yea that comment was supposed to be in response to video of the asian kid who got ran over a couple of times…lol

  3. Ninjanoise Says:

    This guy got run over by NATO

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