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September 14, 2017

This Is Terrible! 2-Year Old Chinese Toddler Struck By 2 Trucks, Ignored by 18 Bystanders!

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Video footage of a two-year old baby girl being struck by vehicles in two separate hit-and-runs, then ignored by bystanders as she lay critically injured has caused an uproar in China around the world.

Many are calling into question the morality of a society where at least 18 people could either drive or walk by an injured child and not render aid.

The incident happened last week outside of a market in Foshan, a city in China’s Guangdong Province.

In the footage captured by CCTV, two-year old Wang Yue is seen wondering aimlessly into the street. Moments later a van hits her, then stops momentarily before the driver continues on. The rear wheels of the vehicle roll over the helpless child.

Several minutes later another vehicle hits the child. Again, the driver doesn’t stop to help or even get out of his vehicle.

Finally after at least ten minutes one woman stopped to help.

58-year-old Chen Xianmei was scavenging when she saw the child and pulled her to the side of the road before calling for help.

Blood was coming out her nose and mouth,” Chen told local reporters. “I didn’t understand why no one else had carried her from the street.

The young girl’s mom shows up to claim her and rushes her to the hospital where she is now listed in critical condition.

I’m still so worried,” the child’s father, Wang Chichang told CNN. “I feel helpless and angry. Had one passer-by stopped to help earlier, this whole thing wouldn’t have been so tragic.

The father was said to be busy running his hardware shop in the Foshan market, while his wife was hanging laundry. Neither noticed their daughter had wandered off until it was too late.

Police have caught the 2 hit-and-run drivers.

6 Responses to “This Is Terrible! 2-Year Old Chinese Toddler Struck By 2 Trucks, Ignored by 18 Bystanders!”

  1. TIKI Says:

    That is UNBELIEVABLE how people seen that little girl on the ground and didn’t stop to help her AT ALL! That is horrible and I wouldn’t have felt right if I did that. That would have weighed heavy on my heart everyday. I hope she makes a full recovery. All of that time tho where was her mother at!! Because she wasn’t even aware that her child was missing and didn’t until the lady helped her baby. WTH!!

  2. homeless lady Says:

    interesting, most children are struck by fast moving vehicals and force of impact. I have never seen drivers moving slowly with so much ease and not even notice……….its possiable he did not want any impact injuries to his vehicle

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wow its not just in China either its everywhere we just dont care anymore we are nolonger sensative

  4. f**k slanded eyed people Says:

    this is how stupid asian,koreans and all those slanded eye people are where i live they dont elevators, they run away from people not there own kind. f**k these smelly a*s people there cheap as f**k and they dont care about nobody but them selves fcuk them all , please pull through young one your time is to soon you didnt deserve this baby girl. ill pray for you sweetie.

  5. f**k slanded eyed people Says:

    ****they dont hold elevators, they run to not hold a door open, if they see your hands full they dont open a door, its worse when your in the elevator no small talk and they speak good english and they are cheap as f**k cheeeaaapppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i lost alll respect for chinese peopleee…deadassss!!!!

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