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Epic Hockey Fight Knockout: Jay Beagle vs Arron Asham Oct 13, 2011

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Jay Beagle vs Arron Asham from the Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins game on Oct 13, 2011.

One Response to “Epic Hockey Fight Knockout: Jay Beagle vs Arron Asham Oct 13, 2011”

  1. Huey Freeman Says:

    I wonder if these players get fined for these fights? Or do they just get cheered on by a crowd, and are preceded to let fight by the referee? I know that if you are involved in a physical altercation in the NBA or the NFL you are publicly ostracized by the media for being quote on quote “overly aggressive”, in an aggressive sport/enviroment, tagged with a huge fine, and often suspended for a game or two. Why is that? You can make the argument that hockey is a different sport than basketball, and football; but in a sport where the players use large wooden sticks, and skate around on ice skates that could be dangerous or even deadly if used in combat, would you not think they would be the first to be against fighting in their sport? Even baseball players (Whose salaries are competitive if not greater to that of the NBA or NFL) are almost encouraged to rush the mound if hit by a pitch, or hurl a baseball which can reach speeds of almost 100mph/44.704ms/160.93kmh at opposing players for retaliation yet they are hardly fined nor repremanded by their commissioners, or the media. Something to think about I guess. You know what i’m getting at. It’s 2011. Don’t look to the government for change. We have to do things for ourselves, by ourselves!

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