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Well Damn! Cop Slaps The Taste Out Of Female Teacher’s Mouth


This woman who works as a teacher was going crazy at this officer because she was being arrested. She was yelling at him and she slapped him first as you can see and of course he lost his temper and just gave her a nice slap on the face.

Woman: Why do you keep putting your hands on me?
Cop: Ma’am, I’m not putting my hands on you. What do you mean?
Woman:Yes, you put your hands on me. (Woman grabs him)
Cop:Don’t grab me. (Pushes her hands away)
Woman:Get out of here boy, I’ll slap you. Better be careful. (Woman slaps him)
(Cop is silent, while he is putting his glasses back on.)
Woman: You put your hands on hands on me plenty of times earlier. Why? Why? Why?
(Cops slaps the woman and then follows the crying.)

REPORTER: The teacher in the previous images is said to be very strict. Her colleagues say that neither the students, nor the teachers, or as you can see, not even the police officers can escape her wrath.

3 Responses to “Well Damn! Cop Slaps The Taste Out Of Female Teacher’s Mouth”

  1. X Says:

    That’s what the f**k she gets!!!

  2. LOL Says:

    He had a right to hit her and she stared crying lol.This is a lesson never put you hands on anyone.

  3. teewhy Says:

    lololololololol keep ur hands 2 urself trick! lmbao!

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