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Wendy Williams Clowns On Beyonce’s “Fake” Baby Bump “She’s Either Giving Birth To A Frisbee Or Stewie From Family Guy”

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The controversy surrounding Beyonce’s baby bump doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

As we reported yesterday, rumors are running rampant that the superstar singer is wearing a fake baby bump. Some have even suggested that she isn’t pregnant at all.

This all stems from Beyonce’s appearance on an Australiantalk show. When the singer sat down her pregnant stomach seemed to deflate.

Count talk show host Wendy Williams as one of those people who is not yet convinced there is a pregnancy.

Williams blew off the picture of Beyonce looking pregnant while wearing a bikini, saying anyone could look like that after a “smothered pork chop” or “burrito.

Williams then brought out two of her pregnant staffers to demonstrate how an expectant mother normally looks when sitting in a chair.

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