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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Woman Attempts To Kill Her Lesbian Lover By Pushing Her In Front Of Train. Both Fall On Tracks!



A video showing an attempted murder-by-train in Mexico City has been making it’s way around the internet.

In the footage captured on CCTV in June, two women are seen talking to each other in a subway station. When a train approaches, one of the women tries to shove the other in front of it. During the struggle they both end up falling onto the tracks.

The conductor acted quickly by applying the brakes in time to avoid crushing the women. But the attempted murderer was pinned underneath the train with a broken leg and hip.

Elinsurgente Press is reporting that the assailant’s name is Cristian Romero Alanis, 27. She became jealous because her lover had started seeing someone else and decided if she couldn’t have her, then nobody would.

Alanis is charged with attempted murder and could face 20 years in jail if convicted.

2 Responses to “Woman Attempts To Kill Her Lesbian Lover By Pushing Her In Front Of Train. Both Fall On Tracks!”

  1. kyle Says:

    mannn i dont even wanna go to mexico now them motherfuckers crazy

  2. Gmaw Pradeep Says:

    mexico – except with jesus, none can be happy. jesus is the way that is narrow until you cross it, and the sinful world is broad only until you cross it. when the issue of sexuality comes, many nations are at stake in trying to establish the moral code of conduct. believe it, the author of moral code is GOD, and every why and why not ends up showing GOD, without whom the world would soon be back to noah times.
    the world lacks men, strong men of will.
    woe to you all transexuals, you effeminate of character, you who dont know even to control your wife and thus make your daughters as prostitutes and your sons as that defileth sanity.
    i believe that any country with atleast a handful of men, yes, true men in character, (understand it properly),
    will be ethically virile and sterile. believe it, good begets good in all good ways. are there men in america? ha haa! :-)Yosef.

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