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Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Talks To 13-Year Old Boy With Sickle Cell Anemia About How To Stay Healthy

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 of Mobb Deep recently met a 13-year old boy who has sickle cell anemia. Having the disease himself, P was able to drop some knowledge on how to stay healthy and not suffer from so much pain while dealing with it.

I used to look at sickle cell like that sh*t was a curse, like God cursed me. I used to be mad as hell at God. But it aint even about that,” P told the teen. “I learned that sickle cell is like an alarm. You know like a burglary alarm when someone breaks into your house? That’s what sickle cell is for your body,” P explained. “Basically what it means is you’re putting something bad into your body and it’s triggering your alarm system. That’s how you gotta look at it.”

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