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Waka Flocka Punched In The Face At Charity Event!



Mizay Entertainment andBricksquad Monopoly were hosting their First Annual Celebrity Bowling competition in Atlanta a couple of days ago when a fight marred the event.

Initial camera footage of the incident failed to capture much of the fight. This new footage below clearly shows a man approach Waka Flocka and snuff him with an overhand right to the face before a scrap breaks out involving several people. It’s still unclear who the man is that started the fight, but he is said to be a former associate of Waka’s.

The good news is the event went on as planned.

Money was raised for the Ludacris Foundation, which helps support thousands of underprivileged youth.

Waka Flocka’s mom and Mizay Entertainment CEO, Deb Antney launched the Mizay Homes for the Holidays program. The plan is to put 10 families in homes of their own for the holidays.

It’s sad when people bring drama to an event trying to benefit the youth, but Waka and Deb Antney deserve a lot of credit for giving back.

6 Responses to “Waka Flocka Punched In The Face At Charity Event!”

  1. datboycook Says:

    Dam never let any n***a and nobody walk up on you and punch u in face dat n***a could have had razor or knife or worst a pistol waka lucky he did’n get a Buck 50 across da face straight up. Man these n***a crazy

  2. GetMoney Says:

    @ datboycook

    n***a this is a charity event, how could waka prevent that s**t from happening? niggas aint gonna hire 100 body guards to keep niggas away, p***y.. ^

  3. GetMoney Says:

    that hoe a*s n***a snuck him, waka kept it gangsta and ran after his a*s and hopped over s**t to get to him, waka kept it G..

  4. Boosie Says:

    Fagget a*s n***a..tried to sneak mi dude…lmao!! Flocka got his a*s doh…Stay Bloody!!! Chea…

  5. Dede Says:

    dude in the red shirt tried to knock homie head off infront of thge boys wow crazy

  6. Dede Says:

    wow how u gone snuff a n***a and dont even move him they beat the breaks off that n***a who swung on waka,waka put in some work

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