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October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Diddy Goes Off On Non Ciroc Drinker & Almost Gets into a Fight Until T.I. Checks Him


Diddy and T.I. were hosting an event at The Compound in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards, when Diddy got into a confrontation with someone in the crowd.

The Bad Boy got really rowdy, and at one point looked like he wanted to fight the party goer at the event because he wasn’t drinking Ciroc vodka.

T.I. then put the brakes on any bullshit by grabbing the mic to let niggas know if they were there to act a fool he was bouncing.

6 Responses to “Diddy Goes Off On Non Ciroc Drinker & Almost Gets into a Fight Until T.I. Checks Him”

  1. lilgugu Says:

    damn that some n***a s**t, yo got money n***a sit the f**k down and stop acting like a straight up N****R…CAN TAKE N****R ANY WHERE.

  2. datboycook Says:

    T.I. u said it my n***a diddy power trippin over bullshit in da crowd diddy should have been doing nat s**t before da BIG HOMIE got killed BIGGIE when dat beef s**t popin between badboy and deathrow niggas get money and think there GOD or somthing diddy drink your ciroc and shut da f**k up! and then diddy said fake officer ricky sound like Biggie n***a u really tripin sit da down! H-TOWN TEXAS N***A WHAT!!!

  3. @sloan_amber Says:

    TI handled that s**t……

  4. JoeM Says:

    puffy is p***y.. everyone’s known this for years… He wasn’t going to do s**t. He’s tough as long as his security is around.

  5. niggaplease Says:

    black folk make me laugh

  6. anthony Says:

    This n***a been acting tough for years knowing he’s a punk.He got Biggies blood on his hands and he’s still running around acting hard when you know he’s a b***h!!!!…….As a black man I dont wanna see Puffy hurt but I do wanna see him get his asss kicked in the ring…by anybody… dont matter just beat his a*s. Security been saving his a*s for years!!!

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