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Caught On Tape: Gunman Opens Fire On Teen In Front Of Brooklyn McDonalds


Police have released video of a shooting on a crowded street in Brooklyn in the hope that the public can help identify the gunman.

The shooting happened at about 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27, in front of a McDonalds restaurant at 2154 Nostrand Ave., according to police.

Video of the incident first shows the two accomplices in the shooting: One of the men, dressed in all black, is on seen on the left side of the screen walking backwards and handing a black bag to the other man, who’s wearing a white t-shirt and dark jeans.

The man in the white t-shirt then removes a .32 caliber S&W revolver from the bag, places it in his waistband and hands it over to the gunman, seen wearing a red jacket and light colored pants.

As the 18-year-old victim, seen wearing a white tank tap and dark shorts, goes to enter the McDonalds restaurant, he is shot multiple times by the gunman.

The shooter and his accomplices fled into the McDonalds and escaped through a side door, police said.

Police said the shooting stemmed from an argument between the shooter and the victim.

The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital with gunshot wounds to his torso, groin and leg, and a graze wound to his head. He is currently listed in critical but stable condition

6 Responses to “Caught On Tape: Gunman Opens Fire On Teen In Front Of Brooklyn McDonalds”

  1. TIKI Says:

    Man that’s really f*cked up!! SMH

  2. TIKI Says:

    3 pm in the afternoon! That’s just crazy! And then it was people in the way walking by so he didn’t care who was in the way as long as he got his target!! That’s damn shame! SMH

  3. Anonymous Says:

    slow your roll, bro.

  4. M EASY MONEY Says:


  5. AJ Says:

    This is not only very sad, but this is even more frightening. People actually stopped, turned around to await what they thought was the anticipated fight to come. Only to have to run away as fast as they could for their own safety. Did you notice the closest person standing next to the victim appeared to be an older woman who wasn’t even able to run??? NO, the “YOUNG NIGGAS and the LIL BRUGH’S” as they are referred, DON’T NEED TO CHILL. They need to grow up, the need to be afraid of something, They need to know as they watch their new babies or babies of their teenage friends being born that those are LIVES. REAL LIVES. All of you old a*s grown men NEED to stop being young and hip and looking down at these young inept cluesless heartless boys and idolizing the ruthless s**t they’re indulging in. Stop trying to dress like them and pulled your damn pants up, Stop wearing Tims, and ACG’s in the summer. Stop wearing durags if your a*s ain’t getting ready for bed, and stop going to the clubs stealing their joy and they’re youth. Stop talking about when you WAS an OG back in the day. What all of you OLD A*S MEN, AND BIG BROTHER’S need to do is try and figure out a way to make a postivie contribution. Grab one young brother and make him yours. I don’t care if you have your own, if you have time to share your played out back in the day still wanna be down hoodrat fake gangster stories, TRY SHARING YOUR WISDOM AND WHY THAT DOESN’T WORK!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    stop drop and roll!!!

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