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50 Cent Calls Funk Flexmaster Flex To Talk About Fabolous vs Ray-J Fight, Street King & More!


50 Cent talked to Funkmaster Flex yesterday [September 20] about his Street King energy shot. For every shot sold, a hungry child will be fed.

Fif also addressed the Fabolous vs Ray-J beef

6 Responses to “50 Cent Calls Funk Flexmaster Flex To Talk About Fabolous vs Ray-J Fight, Street King & More!”

  1. f**k flex Says:

    Funkmaster Flex is the stupidest motherfucker on earth when it comes to interviews. He asks questions, but then it’s like he’s interviewing HIMSELF – I’m here getting into 50’s story, but it keeps getting interrupted by this retard Funk Flex who can’t stand hearing anybody else’s voice for more than 8 seconds in a row. This motherfucking interview coulda been over 6 minutes after it started, but I’m here listening to a retard interrupt the retelling of actual events. The result is: we get Funkmaster Flex’s interpretation of what the f**k 50 cent was TRYING to say.

    The f**k even have an interview for? F**K Flex.

  2. TIKI Says:

    Um…..YEA! Thanks for interrupting EVERY SECOND Flex. I really wanted to hear what 50 was trying to say. Everytime he asked 50 a question he had something to say before 50 could get the second word out! Gosh! That was a terrible interview! Man next time he need to just interview himself!

  3. AyoJerz Says:

    Flex ride 50 d**k in every interview…this n***a made me wanna knock him the f**k out bc he wouldnt shut up and let 50 tell the story

  4. Reality Says:

    Flex needs to shut the f**k up sometimes and just let people tell the story.

  5. Marcus Says:

    Funk flex plzzzzzzzzzzzz shut the f**k up

  6. Anonymous Says:

    flex is a stupid a*s dumb mother fucker!!!!! i cant even listen to the interview cause fat flex voice is soooooo fuckin anoying!!!! hes a lame just like ray j….

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