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Fabolous Speaks On Ray-J Beef/Fight In Las Vegas


Funeral Fab addresses the rumored fight between himself and Ray-J. Fab says no fight happened

2 Responses to “Fabolous Speaks On Ray-J Beef/Fight In Las Vegas”

  1. TIKI Says:

    I believe Fab because the issue wasn’t that serious and Ray J just made it out to be more than it was. He don’t have to try to stunt and be all tough and hard with the Money Team. To keep talking about all the Rolls Royces and everything what did that have to do with anything?! People need to learn how to pick and choose their battles. People joke on Twitter about everything everyday. If Ray J knows the type of relationship that he has with Floyd and that is he calls Floyd his big brother all that ish shouldn’t have even mattered. Fab ain’t even trippin off of Ray J and Ray J should just relax because it wasn’t that serious really.I hope that little beef can be squashed very soon.

  2. monsta Says:


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